Choreographed by : Wendy Loh – Kickick Line Dance (Oct ‘12)
Music : Dancing Tonight by Kat DeLuna
Descriptions : 32 counts, 4 Wall

Dance starts after the first 64 counts at vocal “Baby Tonight…”

Section 1: Hip Bumps, Vine to Right
1,2 Bump R hip twice
3&4 Bump hip L, R, L
5-8 Step RF to side, Step LF behind RF, Step RF to side, Step LF together (12:00)

Section 2 : Step Forward, ½ Pivot, Walk, Together, Press Step, Together, Press Step, Together
1,2 Step RF forward, Turn ½ L weight on LF (6:00)
3,4 Step RF forward, Step LF together
5,6 Press ball of RF to side, Step RF beside LF
7,8 Press ball of LF to side, Step LF beside RF

Section 3 : Turn ¼ Forward Shuffle, Chest In, Chest Out, V-Step
1&2 Turn ¼ & Shuffle Forward R,L,R (9:00)
3,4 Step LF together & pull chest in, Push chest out
5,6 Step RF out diagonally, Step LF to side
7,8 Step RF back, Step LF back

Section 4 : Touch Back, Hold, ½ Turn, Hold, Forward Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1,2 Touch RF back, Hold 
3,4 Turn ½ R (weight on RF) with a body roll, Hold (3:00)
5,6 Rock LF forward, Recover on RF
7&8 Step LF back, Step RF together, Step LF forward