Let's Celebrate fellow line dancers ^^ 

Please click here for event details - Ticket, Competition Enrolment Forms and Rules & Regulations. 




Add us as friend @ https://www.facebook.com/kickick.linedance




Yayyyy!! We are 10 years old this year. Thank you for your support and let's celebrate together this 1/11/2014 !!



Woohoo... hi fellow linedancers, what have you been up to lately? Mark your calendar this 3/8/2013 (Saturday). Kickick Line Dance will be celebrating their 9th Anniversary Glitz & Glitters Celebration at Dewan Wawasan, Menara PGRM.

Please check our Upcoming Event link for more information, yah...

Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing


Kickick Chinese New Year Party will be happening on March 2, 2013 (Saturday) at Restaurant Hee Lai Ton (Puchong). We will update with a dance list soon.










Ho Ho HO !!! Tis the Season to be Jolly... Come & check out our Christmas Party this 15/12/2012. Click here for Dance List ^^ Happy Holiday guys !!


A Big Thank you to all who attended our Kickick 8th Anniversary Celebration last Saturday @ Dewan Wawasan Menara PGRM, The event was a huge success and we have all our dancers and guests to thank for the great support. Congratulations to all contestants, you are all winners in our heart. Not forgetting our generous sponsors who contributed to our winners' prizes, performances and door gifts. We can't wait for another grand celebration next year but for now, keep on dancing and smiling ^^



Our annual grand event, Kickick Line Dance 8th Anniversary Celebration party is set on August 25, 2012 @ Dewan Wawasan, Menara PGRM, Kuala Lumpur. This year's event will be bursting with more great choreography of dances and performances from our teachers and students, an event not to be missed. Mark your calendar and contact us for more information.


Dance performance videos during Melvin's Birthday party have just been posted, check them out at our Videos link yah !!



We are celebrating the coolest dude in  Kickick Line Dance, Melvin Tan's birthday this 19 May 2012 with dinner and line dance party at Hee Lai Ton (Puchong) Restaurant. Come and join us at the celebration, details please click here ^^ Till then, Happy days. 


Hi all, we have posted more new dance step sheets choreographed by Kickick Line Dance.. please check them out here. Happy Dancing!!











Thank you to all who were at our Christmas Party last Saturday, we hope you have enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Very soon, it's bye-bye to 2011.  Kickick Line Dance sincerely wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a bountiful year of 2012, good health and good wealth to all ^^




The Kickers (Kickick Line Dance) won the 2nd place in Malaysia Dance National Associstion (DNA) 1st Inaugural Dance Championship 2011 today. Tahniah to our Kickick young dancers^^

Check out the video here.





'Tis the season to be jolly' .... Hi dear line dancers, we are having a Christmas & New Year Celebration Line Dance Party this 17/12/2011. Check out the details here.




Kickick Line Dance is organising a 4 Days 3 Nights KK Trip for the linedancers on 4Dec - 7Dec. 
Fancy line dancing with KK's linedancers? Check it out here





We have an event going on this Saturday October 15th, it's call Dance Attack with KKKP Charity Sweat Party. Check out the flyer here and see you there too. Contact us for ticket enquiry. See ya ^^




Be our friends on facebook and check out the latest photos and videos of our events. Till then, Happy Dancing !!




Good Luck & All the best to all our dance contestants at Kickick Linedance 7th Anniversary Celebration tonight. We look forward to a wonderful & memorable evening with all the line dancers. Happy Dancing :)   




Just 7 days to go... see you all real soon ^.^



Hi all,

We are really excited to release the dance list and competition details for our upcoming annual event, Kickick Line Dance 7th Anniversary Celebration on 27/8/2011 (Saturday).  Remember how much fun we had last year,  well, we are not stopping there and have included more surprises to our party this year. For your information, there will be Team Category in our dance competition event. We are also serving round table Chinese course dinner during the event.  At Kickick Line dance, we are dedicated to promote good health through line dancing. We are pretty sure you will gain more that that, new friends, new experience and an unforgettable night! See you all soon ^^

Click here for our event details or our Facebook link. 




We are so happy to share the news that our principal, Ms. Wendy Loh has recently been crowned Mrs. Malaysia 2011. She has also won the title Mrs. Malaysia Popularity 2011 and another two subsidiary titles, Mrs. Best Cat Walk and Mrs. Best Performance. We are very proud of you dear teacher and you have always been an inspiration to many of us. Congratulations !! 




Check out our colourful flyer! It is our 1st Klang Open Line Dance Competition which will be held this 25/6/2011. Click on the Upcoming Events for more details on the competition and line dance party. KLANG, here we come!!!





What a busy busy month of May for some us at Kickick Line Dance. We have just came back from a wonderful trip in Guangzho-Macau in the middle of May. It was really a good time to let down our hair and took our mind off  work for a while.

More importantly, we have also just accomplished our prestigious 1st Malaysia Charming Mom Beauty Pageant 2011 last May 28th with overwhelming response, support and presence of distinguished guests of honour, generous sponsors, honourable judges, enthusiastic performers and our wonderful guests. Not forgetting are our 12 charming pageants that have made bold and charming move to participate in a beauty pageant.

This event was organized by our Kickick Line Dance Principal, Ms. Wendy Loh and co-organizer, Ms Vannie Chin with the purpose of encouraging our Malaysian married women to display their traits and talents. The motto is "Beauty, Talent and Energy do not have to end at marriage or motherhood". We are so motivated by the positive response we received after the event.

Click here for  photos and videos of the event. So stay tuned ^^



May 2011

Two of our Kickick Line Dance Instructors, Ms. Annie Yap and Pooi Kuan will be hosting their first line dance party together on June 4th, 2011 (Saturday) at Golden Sun Restaurant, Kuchai Lama. Please click on Upcoming Events for more information. All is welcomed to dance the night away ^^ 


Hi all, there will be a new line dance class starting in March 2011 at Happy Garden, KL and our Kids Modern Line Dance Class has just started recently at South City Plaza too. Just click on our new link Line Dance Classes for more information. See ya :) 




Thank you to all who have attended our Chinese New Year Celebration party last night. We hope you had a great time and enjoyed yourselves as much as we did too. We will be posting the photos and videos of the event soon, just remember to come back for more.  





Hi fellow Kickick line dancers,

Check it out the video & photos those we took at Sally & Lily's line dance party held on Super Dance Studio, Cheras dated: 23/01/2011

Thank you & Regards,

Melvin Tan



Hi fellow Kickick line dancers,

Mark your calendar this 19/2/2011 (Saturday) for we are having our Chinese New Year Dinner & Line Dance Celebration Party  at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant, Puchong. Click on the Upcoming Events for more details. Till then, keep dancing and keep smiling :)


Dear friends,

Bye bye 2010 & Hello 2011^^.

You can see the photos of Kickick Line Dance Singapore 2011 countdown trip at Photo Gallery. Enjoy and once again to all of you~ Happy New Year 2011.

Melvin Tan





HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 !!! 



Cheers to good health, good wealth and a wonderful year

to all our Kickick line dancers !! 




Dear friends,

Just uploaded photos for the Balakong JKKK X'mas Line Dance Party & Christine (Klang) X'mas Line Dance party. Let's check it out^^

Melvin Tan (28/12/2010)









May this holiday season bring you happiness and togetherness with your family and your loved ones :)


Tis the season to be jolly.... fa la la la la la la la la........ :D :D: :D   Cheers everyone!!!  




Dear All,

New performance videos by Junior Kickiers from Sungai Long, Cheras have been uploaded^^ 

Check them out^^

Melvin Tan 



Jamming At Aljunied Crescent - Singapore 

Dear Friends, Kickers & Kickick dancers,

We had a wonderful & meaningful Line Dance Party @ Aljunied Crescent in Singapore. I would like to thank Mr. Walter and friends who organised and invited us to their party. 

The party started at 2pm but we reached there around 6:30pm due to unforeseen circumstances. Walter and friends welcomed us with 40 roses and souvenirs but we just went there empty-handed :) " Pai seh la". During the jamming, they allowed us to request 7 songs and extended the party until 10pm. 

Once again.... Thank you Walter and friends for everything YOU DID FOR US...... We hope that we can meet again in the future....... 

*** The trip photos have been posted to our website, check them out^^

 Thank you & Regards,

Melvin Tan (05/12/2010)


New Performance Videos from Kickick Dancers Uploded 

Dear friends,

You can watch the performance videos presented by The Cheerios (Cheras BT 11) & LD Belle (Balakong) in the MPPJ Line Dance Competition 2010.


Melvin Tan



New Videos Uploded

Dear friends,

New videos have been uploaded in our Video Gallery. Pls check them out^^

Melvin Tan



Sekinchan Trip - Photos Uploaded^^ 

Dear friends, We had a wonderful trip last week to Sekinchan. We enjoyed the Seafood, Line Dance party, wet market (bought seafood at the same time: ), tried the local delicacy, visited the Melawati Hill (play with monkeys^^) and many more. Check our photos in our Photo Gallery.


Melvin Tan 



Nutrizest Party - Dance Performance Videos 

Yup, we have just posted some new dance performance videos at our recent Nutrizest Cover3 Line Dance Party. Check them out now at our Videos link, ok :) 



Sekinchan 2D1N Trip

Hi, we are planning a short escape to a little beautiful town in the middle of the main rice-bowl area of Selangor, SEKINCHAN. Click here or our link at Upcoming Events to learn more of our getaway. Till then :)



New Dance Videos Uploaded 

Hi!! We were in a dance competition recently and won the champion and first runner-up prizes. Want to see our winning performances, just click on the videos now. Cheers!! 



Kickick 6th Anniversary Celebration - Line Dance Competition Videos.

Just click on our Videos link to see our dancers in action! 



Post Party Dinner Celebration Photos

Wendy gave us a treat to a dinner at Golden Sun Restaurant recently in appreciation of our teamwork and support towards Kickick 6th Anniversary Celebration party. As usual, we had so much fun! Thank you Kickick :)  Click here to see our family pictures.




Party Photos uploaded

Hi, we have just uploaded some of the photos taken during our recent party. Click here to view them. More will be posted soon. Till then. 



Performance Video uploaded 

We have uploaded some videos to our website. Check on the Videos link now. :)



Message from Wendy Loh

Thank you for attending our recent Kickick 6th Anniversary Celebration party at Menara PGRM, Kuala Lumpur. I am truly happy to see you all again. I would like to say "Bravo" to all our dance contestants. Taking the courage to join a dance competition is already a true winner, so CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. We thank you for your active participation and great support.

I would also like to give my appreciation to our sponsors for their generosity which was reflected in the goodies bag that our guests received that night. Thank you to our wonderful judges that came and make a difference to our event, your presence has made the evening more happening and memorable. To all the dance performers that have put together a great performance for all, we enjoyed every bit of it.

Last but not least, my sincere apologies for any shortcomings during the event. My hope is everyone went back home with fond memories. Good health to all.



Wendy Loh, Principal of Kickick Line Dance



Thank you for such an awesome time!



 Wooohooo...what an exciting night we had last Saturday!!! Thank you to all who were at our Kickick 6th Anniversary celebration party, your presence had certainly made the event so grand and electrifying. With bling-blings, glitters, glitz and glamour all over, you ladies were really dressed to kill that night ! We hope you have enjoyed yourselves as much as we have organized it for the love of dancing. Till we meet again next year, all the best and thank you once again for your support and love. Cheers!! 

P/S come back again soon, we will be uploading the hot! hot! hot! pictures yah...  



Can't wait to see you all again :)

Hi to all Kickick line dancers out there, are you ready for our 6th anniversary party...yay, yay, yay!! Just another 6 days to go and we'll be meeting on the dance floor again, how exciting!! Remember to adorn yourself with glitz and glitters yah... and do a quick brush up on those dance steps too ;) For our dance competition contestants, just go out there and do your best. Remember, taking the step to go for competition is already a winner in itself. Last but not least, we have some really cool dance performances to present to all our guests too. We'll be having a blast this Saturday... see you all real soon. Muax!! 


Dance Step Sheet - 没那么间单 (Mei Na Me Jian Dan)


Hi, we have created a new section on our website - Dance Step Sheet. You can check out our latest dance steps, 没那么间单 (Mei Na Me Jian Dan) at this link. Hope you enjoy the dance.


Cameron Highlands Photos Uploaded^^

Hi all, Melvin here^^ I have just uploaded some photos of our recent trip to Cameron Highlands on date 11~13/06/2010... Please go to Photo Gallery to check your photos. 



Cameron Highlands Photos Uploaded :)

Hi, sorry for the slight delay... we have just uploaded some photos of our recent trip to Cameron Highlands... we hope to share more pictures but can't possibly put them all up here. Anyway, they're enough to show how much fun we had at the highlands. Hope you enjoy looking at them, till then :)


Kickick Line Dance 6th Anniversary Celebration - Dinner, Competition & Line Dance Party - 21 August 2010 (Saturday) 

Upcoming Events" to view the details such as time & venue, party theme and ticket prices for the event. So, what ya waiting for?? Get your tickets and start practising your dances now, party is only two months away from now. Till then :) 


Kickick 6th Anniversary Celebration - Glitz & Glitters Nite

Woohooo!! Dearest Line Dancers, the event we all have been waiting for... Kickick 6th Anniversary Celebration - Glitz & Glitters Nite is set on this coming August 21, 2010 (Saturday). So, mark your calendar and make yourself ready for this grandest line dancing event. A night not to be missed - dinner and dance, stunning performances and exciting dance competitions for all to enjoy. More information will be revealed, come back soon, yah. Cheers!!  


New Dance Video 

Hi visitors, a new video has just been uploaded to our Videos section. Check out a line dance performance A-Ba-Ni-Bi 爱你的只有我一个 danced by Melvin, Janice & Jacqueline. Nice day all :) 

 Kickick Line Dance Trip to Cameron Highlands

Line Dance Party & Farm Adventure

We are organising our Kickick annual trip (3D2N) to cooling Cameron Highlands this coming June. Come join us for a truly refreshing and memorable experience in the highlands.

Click on <<Upcoming Events>> for more information.

 Kickick Dance Studio Grand Opening.

Dear All,

I have just uploaded the photos taken during our Kickick Studio Grand Opening day:) You may be in one of the photos^^. Let's check it out..

Melvin Tan 

Congratulations to Our Youngest Dancers!!!!!!

Wonder Kids have recently won the 5th placing in Super Dancers Competition held in The Mines Shopping Complex last week.

18/04/2010 - Wonder Kids (9 members) age between 8 ~ 10 years old who are also the youngest dancers in the whole event, have beaten the other 6 teams and went through to the final.

25/04/2010 - Kickick youngest dancers showed their outstanding performance and won the 5th placing. 

for Video - Please enter : www.youtube.com > search on kickicklinedance. 

 Dear Dancers,

 05/04/2010. New Kickick Line Dance Studio is opening soon. We will update the latest status by this 2 weeks:)

I have also uploaded some flash back photos since 2004 ~ 2007. You may be part of them^^ Check it out.


Dear Dancers,

01/04/2010. I have just uploaded the photos for Kickick Line Dance Glitz & Glitters 2007 Line Dance Party photos. Were you there??? Check it out^^

Dear Dancers,

23/03/2010. We have just updated and uploaded the photos for Kickick Line Dance Chinese New Year Line Dance Celebration 2010. Check it out^^


Dear friends, students, my family members and all.........

I. Wendy Loh (Principal of Kickick Line Dance) would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Good Luck, Good Health & Happy New Year 2010.

 > 欢欢喜喜迎新年,万事如意平安年,扬眉吐气顺心年,梦想成真发财年,事业辉煌成功年,祝君岁岁有好年.

    Welcome the New Year happily! All will be well in the safe year; feel proud and elated in the satisfactory year; hope
    your dreams come true in the wealthy year; Wish you a brilliant career in the successful year. Wish you well in the
    years to come!

> 新年祝福你,好运陪着你,财神跟着你,名车属于你,霉运躲着你,喜事围绕你,我呢时时伴着你。

    Bless you in the New Year with good luck accompanying you with wealth following you, a name brand car belonging
    to you, misfortune avoiding you, and happy occasions around you. And for me, I will often accompany you. 

> 新春佳节,祝你虎年大吉大利,大显身手,虎气冲天! 

Wish you good luck in the Chinese New Year of the Tiger. Take the spotlight and fully show yourself. 


Thank you & Best Regards,

Wendy Loh 

Kickick Line Dance Studio Grand Opening - Postponed.

Feb is a busy month for Kickick Line Dance Principal - Ms. Wendy. Too many events, Performances & dinners to attend.

So she has suggested to postpone her New Studio Opening but all classes will still be carried on.

Any inquiries please contact : 012-3333332 Ms. Wendy    



New Video Uploaded - Poker Face Performed by Diversity Girls + SCP Kickers. 

Dear Kickick members. Just uploaded new performance video presented by Kickick's dancers. Check it out in our Video pages.


舞虎扬威新春大团拜 - Kickick Line Dance Chinese New Year Line Dance Party is set on 26/02/2010. Please check out the details..... 


When Chinese New Year 2010Chinese New Year 2010

Chinese New Year begins according to the Chinese calendar which consists of both Gregorian and lunar-solar calendar systems. Because the track of the new moon changes from year to year, Chinese New Year can begin anytime between late January and mid-February. Below is a chart that shows the beginning day of Chinese New Year and the animal sign for that year. I do hope the information are useful for you:) 

YearChinese New Year BeginsAnimal Sign
2007February 18Pig
2008February 7Rat
2009January 26Ox
2010February 14Tiger
2011February 3Rabbit
2012January 23Dragon
2013February 10Snake
2014January 31Horse
2015February 19Sheep
2016February 8Monkey
2017January 28Rooster
2018February 16Dog
2019February 5Pig


Chinese New Year 2010 

07/01/2010. Kickick Line Dance - Chinese New Year 2010 Line Dance Party is Coming Soon. Will let you know once the date & time is confirmed.


What's New? 

07/01/2010. New uploaded Videos for Kickick Line Dance 2009 Christmas Party Performances and Selangor RIA 2009 Poco Poco dance performance. Check it out now!!!! 



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